Wednesday, June 29, 2016

E.U.'s 'Bananas' Star Chamber

At the local IHOP flaky Belgium waffles are great. Belgium is also great for the fictional. For example, Agatha Christie's eccentric mustached gumshoe Hercule Poirot was so beloved he was commemorated with a real obituary in The New York Times. What is not great is The Council (the appointed European Union's dictatorial decision-making authority) or The Commission (its Big Brother right arm enforcer) of this one world, globalist organization. To make matters even more cumbersome, on certain issues The Council shares legislative power with the European Parliament (the two institutions act jointly on budgetary matters). However, by treaty, the 751 member European Parliament can only meet in full session—not in Brussels, Belgium—but in Strasbourg, France. Recall that Europe is in an economic crisis (read: Greece). Therefore, member states have imposed harsh austerity measures (including slashing pay for government employees). Still, one week per month some 10,000 people—a small army of legislators and support staff including lobbyists and journalists—make the 550 mile round trip trek. The actual purpose of these 4-day conferences is paid vacations. They don't propose new legislation: only rubber stamp the mandates of The Council. What is the cost of maintaining two parliamentary seats? A mere pittance: estimated at $200 million per year.

In 2014, British newspaper The Telegraph uncovered the E.U.'s monkey business. Apparently E.U. officials pay special, minimal tax rates. And—oh, by the way—many mid-level employees have more take home pay than British Prime Minister David Cameron. Riddle me this: what do monkeys eat, why does the E.U. meet? Answer: To set guidelines that bananas should be “free from malformation or abnormal curvature.” With Brexit's successful referendum (read: buyer's remorse) at 51.9%, that's obviously one Orwellian banana peel too far—for the slight majority anyway. (Yet, what's amazing is the brainwashed 48.1% voting to remain. This virtual 50/50 political trend rather reminds one of ultra-constitutional Barack Obama's inflated approval numbers.)

In eras past, Great Britain ruled the world. That's the basis of the famous saying: “The sun never set on the British Empire.” Any people that can do that, can certainly self-govern in the 21st century. Therefore, they are entitled to their famous tolerance for all “bendy” things. In any case, Britons don't need corrupt foreign overlords telling them how bent their fruits should be.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Leftist Lie: Islam's Sharia Law

“These acts of terror are not a hijacking of Islam from the peaceful religion it was designed to be. Rather, these acts are the true face of Islam, and until we acknowledge it for what it is, we will continue to be victims, bowing at the feet of our executioners.” - Washington Times columnist Mark Christian

As a former Muslim Sunni imam—now a grateful convert to Christianity—the aptly named Mr. Christian is an authority on defining what Islam is. According to this expert, any independent thought, decision-making or movement away from the Islamic religion is a violation of its one set of guiding principles: Sharia law. Unmistakably, the penalty for non-compliance is always the same: death to infidels. By his own admission, understandable fear dogs Mr. Christian for leaving the world's second most popular religion. Indeed, Islam's clear orthodoxy of 'convert or die' (given the backdrop of periodic beheadings of Christians and others) is a sobering reality. Why such Dark Ages barbarity isn't loudly condemned from every civilized corner of the earth is astonishing. In freedom-loving places like 21st century America (and stridently by the Vatican) most of all.

Where is “good Christian” Barack Obama? Where is Hillary “giggles” Clinton? Where is the eyes covered MSM? Why are all of these philosophical bedfellows hypercritical of the West's “lack of tolerance” (read: Trayvon Martin) while completely blind, deaf and dumb to the truth of this worldwide scourge? Specifically, why do these powers-that-be refuse to call a spade a spade? Why do they summarily disregard practitioners of (radical) Islam who do terrorist killings in the name of that faith?

Of this religion, Mr. Christian explains: “While there are a number of different strains of Muslims, many of which publicly eschew violence, there is only “one Shariah,” and it is the foundation in common for all of Islam. These ancient governing laws are drawn from Islamic scripture, (often established as a religious duty by Mohammed himself) and have not changed in 1,400 years—nor has the violence contained within.” That violence has plagued Europe for over 1,000 years. Not to be left out, America has been dealing with radical Islam for three centuries. That's since Thomas Jefferson's time. How did Mr. Jefferson respond to the clear and present danger of kidnapped and tortured Americans abroad? He formed and dispatched the U.S. Navy.

Contrast that to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's antithetical “wait and see” attitude. These “leaders from behind”—abetted greatly by the mendacious media—scapegoat the usual suspects: guns, hate and homophobia. Related to Orlando mass murder Omar Mateen, when he beat his ex-wife or executed 49 innocents at gay nightclub (the ironically named Pulse) he was exercising his religious mandate as a Sharia-compliant Muslim. To Islam, assaulting the spouse—same as killing homosexuals—is the “compassionate” response. Once again, this time in The Washington Post's 'Five Myths' section, an obscure academic in Wisconsin spins fiction:

“And on a range of issues, Islam can fairly be described as feminist. Fiqh scholars, for instance, have concluded that women have the right to orgasm during sex and to fight in combat.”

By combat does this Post scribbler refer to Omar Mateen's domestic struggles with his battered first wife? Sharia is not anti-woman? Well, that's certainly a kick in the head to the former Mrs. Omar Mateen! This writer's spurious (frankly absurdist) “proof” of Muslim men's “open-mindedness” is women's orgasms? Seriously? Well, bully for them! Luckily, these Muslim women's draconian husbands haven't figured out how to control those too! Speaking of sexual matters and control, how is not killing the “abhorrent 49” not brutal punishment? Did liberals lose their minds or are they just missing entirely—like the newly decapitated?

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Friday, June 24, 2016

Killer's Prosthetic Leg Alibi

“We believe [not following protocol: device on skin for Mr. Green] was absolutely human error.” - Chris McDowell of Sentinel Services (fitter and supplier of bracelets on pretrial detainees)

No doubt Mr. “Mc-Do-well's” tepid mea culpa is very reassuring to former D.C. resident Dana Hamilton. He—shot dead on May 19thin Southeast Washington—lived in the “gun-free zone” that is the nation's capital. Yet, the Orwellian technology—same as gun restriction laws (like the new ones sit-in Democrats occupying Congress are “desperate” to pass)—didn't protect Mr. Hamilton. Neither did the keystone cops who lost track of the one-legged man who murdered him.

Quincy “Q” Green, a 44-year old charged with the crime might have been missing a limb, but he had something authorities collectively didn't have: a brain. How did this “mastermind” manage to outsmart D.C.'s finest? Like a bad Agatha Christie mystery, their records showed the assailant was a mile away from the scene when the killing occurred. In the living room of his second floor apartment—to be precise.

These duped rocket scientists suspected Mr. Green had tampered with the GPS device they'd fitted him with. The big reveal (you've already guessed at): when the powers-that-be fitted him with the tracker they neglected to put it on his natural leg. So, he simply removed the prosthetic. Stowed it safely in a box where it signaled away contentedly. Swapping it out for a spare, this aptly named villain—like a murderous character from the board game “Clue”—went out to do his dastardly deed.

Another little police oopsie daisy that cost an innocent man his life. Still, what if Mr. Hamilton had been a legally armed gun owner (something forbidden in D.C.)? His chance of survival would have been 50% rather than what it was: zero. That's why lawless Democrats' gun control harangue is utter nonsense. The responsible party is always the user. This one-legged bandit in DC—and the radical Islamic terrorist in Orlando.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lynch's Ministry of Love

“We stand with you to say that the good in this world far outweighs the evil, that our common humanity transcends our differences, and that our most effective response to terror and to hatred is compassion, it’s unity, and it’s love.” - Attorney General Loretta Lynch

When recently writing “Love American style,” the above sentiment was not what I was referring to. When in private, Ms. Lynch is entitled to her personal philosophy. However, as Attorney General, her primary duty to the country is to the unbiased enforcement of American laws. The purpose of law enforcement is to keep U.S. citizens safe. Yet, that's not what's she's doing or advocating. She's acting like Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day”: a fantasy in which consequences don't matter, and the same day can be repeated.

Truly, the Obama Administration makes burying one's head in the sand a real art form. Particularly when it comes to the scourge they still won't name: radical Islamic terrorism. Unfortunately, that blind, deaf and dumb political posture leaves their derrières exposed to the world. While that's fine for them, the rest of us don't have that luxury. When we frequent public places in cities like Orlando its without armed Secret Service bodyguards.

By all means, the surviving victims of the Pulse massacre should forgive the circumstances—to the extent that they are able to. Why? Because carrying the trauma forward as emotional baggage won't be helpful to the desire to heal. Likewise is carrying an understandable bias forward as a grievance concerning, for example, Omar Mateen, or more globally, the Islamic religion. Specifically, Christ's advice about “turning the other cheek” is about the serenity achieved through forgiveness and acceptance. Indeed, forgiveness is a vehicle that releases the victimized from very human psychological pain. Nevertheless, forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting. Or in Ms. Lynch's pea-brain: obliviously ignoring.

Loretta Lynch is the Orwellian poster child for “evil flourishing when good [women] do nothing.” She's a coward unworthy of her position and should resign. Love never cowers before barbarity or wickedness:

“Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. - 1 Corinthians 13:6-7 NIV

As Scripture clearly indicates, love always champions the innocent and defenseless. That's apparently something forked tongue Loretta Lynch is unwilling to do.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Interrupting Angelina Jolie

“We're living in a contentious time when some try to make a negative out of being a refugee or somehow turn people who are refugees into threats. They are American; they're as American as anybody.” - Angelina Jolie, Hollywood actress and U.N. Special Envoy

So convincing was the now Mrs. Brad Pitt as Lisa Rowe (an institutionalized sociopath) she won a Best Supporting Academy Award for the role in 1999's “Girl, Interrupted.” One really wishes someone would shut her up: now.

Regular Americans—those living between the coasts—should spend fewer of their hard earned dollars on these coddled Hollywood movie star's films. They don't love America, but they still benefit from her freedoms. Specifically, due to American's capitalist system, these public narcissists make millions “entertaining” us “little people” in the dark. Then, out of gratitude these progressive parasites lecture the rest of us on how to live (read: Leonardo DiCaprio's ranting Oscar acceptance speech)? Like DiCaprio, is Jolie so insulated by her A-list jet-setting, has she not heard of Kate Steinle?

By all means, Angelina Jolie, show the rest of us peasants how it's done! Tear down the walls of your palatial compounds in California (5,228 square-feet) and France (1,000-acre estate-vineyard). Unlock your doors. Throw open your gated walls to the “harmless” illegal aliens you champion. You don't know who they are—or their intentions—but what does that matter? You're off renting your $21,000 per month eight-bedroom estate in Surrey, England (while Brad films his “important” film, a zombie World War Z sequel). How about that empty New Orleans mansion you've recently dropped the price on? You're dumping the property anyway, right? Why can't your pseudo-American squatters live there?

Perhaps a diamond encrusted muzzle to go with that rapidly tarnishing golden statuette.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

“Catty” Romney: Democrats' Dupe

Mitt Romney has joined the Bushes' sour grapes chorus. Same as Jeb this election cycle, Mr. Romney is obviously still smarting from 2012—and his own failed presidential bid. Like the Bush Family—and his former RINO running mate (now House Speaker Paul Ryan)—Mr. Romney seems determined, for sheer spite, that Donald Trump should share his same loser's fate.

Ironically, Mitt Romney is drawing from the same bag of Democrat's dirty tricks used against him. Recall the false charge of not paying taxes (for more than a decade) was insanely parroted by current Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. Yet, this Republican fop told Fox News: “I think we have good reason to believe that there’s a bombshell in Donald Trump’s taxes. I think there is something there.” Even if true—and the facts are presently unknown—isn't that something the opposing party is supposed to disclose?

Astonishingly, this dope's diatribe doesn't end there. Mr. Romney has also accused the Republican presumptive nominee of naked discrimination: “Presidents have an impact on the nature of our nation, and trickle-down racism, trickle-down bigotry, trickle-down misogyny, all these things are extraordinarily dangerous to the heart and character of America.” This is unsubstantiated slime from a “fellow Republican” who states: “I wish everybody in the Republican Party had rejected Mr. Trump and chosen someone else.” That's a contemptible attitude.

In retrospect, given Mitt Romney's “character,” is it any wonder that 3 million conservatives (with instinctual cold feet) avoided voting for this weasel? More to the point: why does the GOP habitually eat their own? Democrats never publicly criticize each other. Furthermore, why is it that establishment Republicans completely ignore the will of the people who elect them? As a case and point is undermining Donald Trump, the voters 2016 standard bearer. Why have the Bushes and tag team Romney-Ryan betrayed the electorate?

For his part, Mr. Trump has not earned tepid primary victories, he's achieved resounding ones. Among a field of 17 other impressive candidates, The Donald won 37 state contests, and a record-breaking 13.4 million votes. Finally, there's a bulldog on the political landscape: a fervent defender of all good things American. Yet, these self-important, indulgent alley cats do nothing but spray and hiss at the loss of their own influence.

As a result, these loyal party (not people or country) apparatchiks are de facto Hillary supporters. A non-vote for Donald Trump is a vote for his corrupt, insider opponent. No other reasonable conclusion is possible. The latest illustrative example of Republican misconduct: a backroom deal to dump Trump at the convention has been gleefully reported by The Washington Post. These entrenched elites are precisely what is wrong with our political system. That's why an outsider like Donald Trump is so essential come election day in November.

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Monday, June 20, 2016

Presidential Voting: A Fate Worse Than Death?

Almost 6 months out, in the most polarizing and unconventional (read: Trump's Revolution) contest in modern times, both major party nominees are widely disliked by the electorate. In another bizarre twist, Americans are voicing their unvarnished displeasure with our broken political process in a new way: through their obituaries. Indeed, who would not prefer a heavenly “check out” rather than vote for a corrupt, treasonous “devil” like Hillary Clinton? Well, that part—at least—is understandable!

As a case and point is 68-year-old Mary Anne Noland. Dying in hospice care, this clearly spunky lady had had enough. Not of a deadly illness, but of Washington politicians. And in the Obama years of overspending, habitually lying Democrats—and do-nothing, gutless Republicans—who blames her?

One rapidly approaching death tends to speak truth. She told her husband the only bright spot would be not having to vote for anyone “in this crummy election.” Thus was born her attention-grabbing obit: “Faced with the prospect of voting for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, [Mrs. Noland] of Richmond chose, instead, to pass into the eternal love of God....” Well, onto eternity. You go, girl!

This unusual trend of using obituaries as a campaign mechanism has increased from 5 during Bush-Kerry (in '03-'04) to 119 with present-day Trump-Clinton. Don't like the candidates? Skip the absentee ballot and drop dead—literally!

While I champion Mrs. Noland's right to express herself, that view is overly cynical. Even before impending departure to the pearly gates, there's no excuse in a democracy not to vote. That better choice is clear: plain-speaking, pro-American Donald Trump. While imperfect, he's a vast improvement over scandal-laden Hillary. She—an angel to no one—never politically says die.

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Love American Style

Putting aside the fear-based barbarity of a radical Islamic terrorist for a moment, the Orlando massacre ironically brings to light a little-discussed subject to the forefront, that of love.

At 90, former Pennsylvania senator Harris Wofford remarried this past April 30th: this second time around to a man. This happy event received scant media attention compared to the tragedy at Orlando's Pulse gay club. Why? I do not mean to imply that honoring the deaths of 49 innocents gunned down by a self-hating, religious fanatic is not important. Still, on balance, widely reporting life-affirming events—like this organic demonstration of new American tolerance—deserves much more attention than it currently gets.

Every wedding is significant because it represents hope and commemorates new beginnings. So, what's special about Mr. Wofford's nuptials with a second great love, Matthew Charlton, 40? This marriage proves American hearts transcend the superficial differences of age and gender. Specifically, Mr. Wofford's daughter articulates the prevailing attitude the MSM virtually ignores: “I think it's wonderful. My father is a very lucky man to find someone who cares for him.” Indeed, the acceptance both bridegrooms universally experience may still be surprising to some, but not among them is this present generation.

This truth is that our culture has taken quantum leaps in acceptance. Yet, who would know that from listening to the biased MSM? They make a deliberate effort to ignore this clear progress. Why? Because an alienated electorate votes for Democrats (whom the press philosophically supports) under the guise of providing “objective” news. What is actually presented is propaganda. A distorted fun house mirror of American cultural dynamics circa 1963's “The Help.”

Yet, it's not 1963, it's 2016. The problem with our society is not with discrimination. It is not about guns. It concerns dishonest leaders in government and in the sycophantic liberal media. Collectively these overly cozy bedfellows promote a divisive, anti-American agenda via politically correct progressivism. Yet, this statist philosophy of Democrats is an anti-American corrosive upon the very fabric of our republic. Hence, the many politically polarizing disasters of the Obama years.

Why this devil's partnership between them? The distraction is useful to the powers-that-be in both establishments to maintain elitist political control. That's why both groups fixate on disseminating—and promoting—the circumstances that divide. Thus today's flood of stories about mass murders like Omar Mateen. The liberals' false narrative about “hate-filled America” has no room for the diametrically opposing 21st century American reality. Where is their vested interest in acknowledging the loving unions that build society-strengthening family connections of various kinds? They have none.

There remains the quiet expression of great love in America despite its disregarded—and changing forms. That quiet truth about us—as a nation—is undiminished. We are Ronald Reagan's “shining city on a hill.” Likewise, we are MLK's realized dream of open hearts and open minds. This inspiring nexus forms the uniquely American character, making anything possible. Therefore, ultimately, it matters not what zealots do. Or what the MSM says about them—or us. Love, like an unified, indestructible undercurrent always prevails, gently guiding America's destiny.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Punishing Pop-Tart Gun Kid

Apparently the mass hysteria gripping school officials has swayed a presiding judge—three years later—to also confuse a Pop-Tart as a “dangerous” weapon.

Back in March of 2013, then 7-year-old Josh Welsh ran afoul of school bureaucrats when he supposedly chewed his strawberry breakfast pastry into a “gun” and allegedly wielded it saying, “Bang, bang,” to a fellow student. This “boys being boys” behavior earned the second-grader a two-day school suspension from Baltimore's Park Elementary School. Today, this ludicrous decision has been upheld by Anne Arundel County Circuit Court Judge Ronald A. Silkworth. (Or is that Silkworm?) This authoritarian Wonderland Queen of liberal bleeding hearts wrote: “[A] suspension was appropriately used as a corrective tool to address this disruption, based on the student’s past history of escalating behavioral issues.” How is this lily-livered judge not obviously drunk with a fascist's power? Did he cower behind his bench when ruling against the now ten year old?

In America, “land of the free, home of the brave,” this pronouncement is anti-American madness. During the original incident, Josh's father said, “I would almost call it insanity. I mean with all the potential issues that could be dealt with at school, real threats, bullies, whatever the real issue is, it’s a pastry.” Even the Florida legislature added to the lunacy by passing a bill that “protects” against the act of “brandishing a partially consumed pastry or other food item to simulate a firearm or weapon.” If these radical responses aren't “1984” style thought-crime—punishing children for their imaginations—what is?

The real issue here is the systematic emasculation of boys by progressive statists: it's fascism run amok in the public school system. Last time I checked, the purpose of educators is to enlighten, not to engage in radical beyond-the-scope hard left social engineering. This situation exactly depicts the irrational intention to punish typical, masculine “tough guy” behavior in favor of that of the wussy, subservient pajama boy: an archetype that has defined the disastrous Obama years.

As the Sandy Hook massacre tragically and definitively demonstrated, schools as gun-free zones facilitate danger while promising the illusion of safety. The zero tolerance policy should not be directed at boys' and their pretend “weapons of war,” it should censure kangaroo court judges for punishing them for normal “manly” conduct.

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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Orlando killer: “victim” needing mind control?

Washington Post columnist Courtland Milloy is correct that “a mind-set is as perilous as a gun.” Unfortunately, his thinking is as convoluted as batty Omar Mateen's; the perpetrator of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. Is Mr. Milloy suffering from a personal, phantom style Stockholm syndrome? (By osmosis, a politically correct writer—rather than traumatized victims—robotically defends a mass murder? Perhaps this “journalist” should be evaluated by the psychiatrist his column cites.) According to him, this executioner of 49 (who injured an equivalent number) at a Orlando gay club (ironically named Pulse), is also a victim. Specifically, he claims Mateen suffers from “pseudocommandoism”:

“The pseudocommando often kills indiscriminately in public during the daytime [dance clubs however, are crowded at night], but may also kill family members [Mateen didn't] and a ‘pseudo-community’ he believes has mistreated him,” James L. Knoll IV, a forensic psychiatrist, wrote in the Journal of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law in 2010. “He comes prepared with a powerful arsenal of weapons. . . . He has no escape planned and expects to be killed during the incident.”

Well, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Let's put a fancy horse harness on a donkey—and excuse it as a stallion! As all good morally flexible dolts, Courtland Milloy fashions a foggy narrative intended to mitigate Omar Mateen's obvious barbarity. Why? Because he's spinning a supportive, corresponding narrative to Mr. Obama's fanatical gun blame game. What's the underlying, unifying theme? That this person wielding the guns—the architect of the massacre—is not truly responsible. Same as another “trustworthy” source with an agenda—the father, Seddique Mateen—none of these jokers want this mass murder rightfully pegged as a radical Islamic terrorist.

That's the reason for all of this psychological gobbledygook. It implies sickness—rather than politically inconvenient criminality. Indeed, the “riddle” that is Omar Mateen is straightforward and simple: any adult individual is responsible for his own actions. That truism trumps any secondary consideration.

That basic accountability isn't even a blip—a consideration—on Courtland Milloy's radar speaks volumes about his mind-set. In essence, he isn't covering a story so much as he's covering up for one. Instead of speaking to this fundamental issue, this columnist offers a kitchen sink of excuses for the “victim” who pulled the trigger. For starters, Mr. Milloy blames the school system for not putting an end to childhood teasing Omar received for being overweight. Later, in adulthood, the abused ex-wife is demonized for not involving the police in their domestic struggles. (Third, the police—who were never notified—are made theoretically responsible to put an end to Mateen's violence.) Fourth, the cherry on the pie of this layered absurdity, is that Mateen targeted the gay community because he was rejected by them:

“It has been reported that Mateen frequented Pulse many times before staging his attack. He also had reached out to several men through a gay dating app. But, by most accounts, he could not make lasting friendships and usually ended up sitting alone getting drunk.”

Does Mr. Milloy believe that dating apps exist for the humanitarian purpose of group counseling rather than hook ups? Further, who doesn't drink at a bar, or experience rejection? In any case, that doesn't justify Omar Mateen's shoot out at an Orlando dance club like it's the Wild Wild West's O.K. Corral.

Speaking of guns, to his credit, even this enabling fop doesn't wholeheartedly subscribe to the president's malarkey of blaming inanimate objects. Speaking of another troubling mind-set is petulant Mr. Obama's. In truth, he's a liberal fascist who conveniently exploits tragedy to promote his hard left anti-American agenda: anti-Second Amendment gun restriction. Indeed, legal guns in virtuous hands is not the same thing as weapons used by wrongdoing criminals and terrorists. Mr. Obama makes this exact, nebulous straw man argument. It is blatant political misrepresentation to the American people by a fundamentally dishonest politician. As a member of the press, Courtland Milloy has a journalistic duty to expose such manipulations, not be a collaborating cheerleader for them.

For the record, lecturing Obama and this columnist sound like ivy tower academics. Specifically, Mr. Milloy's obtuse advice is to do nothing while a killer's deep-seated psychosis is further studied:

“Better to find out more about where the killer mentality comes from and what can be done to change the mind.”

Exactly how does an external person change someone else's thoughts? Well, good luck with that. Mr. Milloy's suggestion is either completely impractical or worse, subtly Orwellian. (Does this lover of progressives want some kind of unspecified mind control for the murderous?) What else could the article's subheading, 'The mind-set of a killer is a danger to society that is worth neutralizing' mean? (Calling Kurt Vonnegut's fictional character “Harrison Bergeron.” Tell him his buzzing handicap—a hat to bring its wearer to state-mandated average intelligence—is ready!) Even Barack Obama is not this unhinged. The president only wants more ultra-constitutional authority to further undermine legal gun ownership. In the final analysis, Mr. Milloy's non-solution is just as nonsensical as Mr. Obama's refusal to say the “magic” words 'radical Islamic terrorism.' In both cases, if one intentionally never gets to the heart of a problem (by correctly naming it), one can never hope to achieve its resolution.

Words, as labels, matter. So do social mores of appropriate conduct. While cultural norms and laws often rightfully shape human behavior, one should certainly be free to think whatever one wants. To that end, one wishes Courtland Milloy would keep his thoughts—and his “1984” style dystopian fantasies—to himself.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Using Terrorism to Disarm America

Barack Obama should take a lesson from Founding Father Thomas Jefferson: the first American president to contend with radical Islam three centuries ago. Mr. Jefferson's 18th century version were the Barbary pirates. These predators of Europe's waterways kidnapped innocent American citizens at will for ransom. What was learned Jefferson's sensible solution? He used four of the six extra-large frigates commissioned by Congress to go to war. A little-know historical nugget: the United States Navy was born in direct response to unprovoked Muslim aggression.

The danger, than as now, was obvious. For 17 years before he even became president in 1801, Jefferson wanted to combat Islamic extremism. As our third president, he dispatched a naval squadron to the Mediterranean to engage the enemy in a successful four-year war off the shores of Tripoli. Unlike Mr. Obama, Jefferson had a thorough grasp of the matter, and acted decisively. Our current poor imitation—a pampered selfie stick cupcake—is unworthy of the same office once held by the author of the Declaration of Independence.

Contrast that unwavering response to mealy-mouthed Obama's. Up until this moment, he can't even bring himself to utter the simple words: radical Islamic terrorism. An ideologue like himself sees the world as he wants it to be, not how it is. Consequently, he's too thick-headed to even acknowledge the three-word concept. Therefore, he will never do anything meaningful to protect the homeland. (His glib lip service doesn't count.) Indeed, Mr. Obama keeps his head safely buried in a millionaire golfer's sand trap; an out of touch broken record of our supposed intolerance of his religion of “peace.” Worse is his political misuse of this catastrophe to ridiculously advocate gun control. Seriously, his non-solution is disarming the victimized? This mind-set is true mad hatter, Alice in Wonderland stuff. How is lawless, feckless Barack Obama's enabling of terrorism any better than these lone wolves who slaughter innocents? He is a cowardly fop, a hapless collaborator. His hands, as Omar Mateen's, are as stained with the spilled blood of the 49 who lost their lives. The world will remember that the worst mass shooting in U.S. history happened during Mr. Obama's disinterested, irresponsible tenure.

Beyond sharing a funny name like Omar Mateen's, who is this do-nothing president who misconstrues the meaning of Orlando's death toll as easily as he ignores the weekly body count in Chicago? Democrats' constant, disconnected political fogginess coupled with almost eight disastrous years of this president makes one truism plain: Barack Obama is anti-American liberal fascist. His continued inappropriate responses expose his own personal ultra-constitutional jihad against the Bill of Rights, specifically the Second Amendment. After almost two full terms, his perpetual denial of clear danger rises to the level of psychosis. Politically, his professed desire to protect Americans is meaningless. Against the backdrop of this sheer horror—fellow citizens mowed down by the radicalized—Mr. Obama stands idly by making an obtuse speech about that three-word phrase he still refuses to say. That's not anybody to be taken seriously. That's not even someone with a basic love for, or loyalty to, a country that has given him so much.

Outrageously, this king of pajama boys idiotically insists on blaming inanimate objects. In other words, the firearms are the “problem,” not the wicked hands that use them. In this case, he uses the excuse of domestic terrorism to push his own hard left agenda: population disarmament. Making people “safe” by illegally restricting their right to access at-hand devices of protection? Meanwhile, criminals and terrorists—no respecters of law are they—always manage to arm themselves. Part of Mr. Obama's Orwellian 'fundamental transformation.' To him, all of America should be a Sandy Hook gun-free zone: a 3,000 mile land of sheep at the mercy of fate, and those lone terrorist wolves.

The basic facts of the Orlando mass murder are beyond despite. Omar Mateen was an American citizen. As a function of his security job, this perpetrator had legal access to guns (including conceal and carry) after the customary background checks. He had also been flagged and investigated by the FBI in 2013 and 2014 for making inflammatory remarks. That he was treated so gently is the high price of political correctness. In Obama's America, witnesses of potential wrongdoing are preemptively demonized as Islamophobes. Therefore, they understandably stay fearful—and silent—as evil flourishes. In San Bernardino, CA and now in Orlando, FL.

The liberal MSM is all too willing to parrot Omar's father's questionable tale that his mass murdering progeny was offended by “two men kissing.” If that's the case, why did his son frequent gay clubs where he was, ironically, accepted by the gay community? Consider the source here: a disgraced parent in full cover-my-own-ass mode. He's understandably desperate to keep a lid on his son's possible “extracurricular” dalliances. Therefore, he explains away his son's barbarism as a simple hate crime. Better Omar be viewed as a homicidal, homophobic bigot than a homosexual, radicalized Islamist.

What is likely closer to the truth? Witnesses indicate that Omar Mateen was actually a regular at Pulse:

“It’s the same guy,” Chris Callen, who performs under the name Kristina McLaughlin. “He’s been going to this bar for at least three years.” Ty Smith added, “(He’d get) really, really drunk... He couldn’t drink when he was at home—around his wife, or family. His father was really strict... He used to bitch about it,” these club-goers told the Canadian Press.

Another report indicates that Mateen the younger exchanged messages with at least one gay man on a gay dating app. (Certainly, why else would one have such a profile unless to attract those who interested him?) Even Mateen's ex-wife disclosed his “gay tendencies.” (Well, she of all people ought to know.) For someone who supposedly hated the gay community, he certainly spent a lot of time there. In any case, it would not be the first time a closeted individual used religious fervor as a deplorable excuse to strike out at those reflecting his own repressed proclivities.

Therefore, during gay pride Omar Mateen's presence at Pulse, on Latino night, was not a surprise. There he murdered 49, and injured an equivalent number. His stated reason of sympathy to ISIS, and other proponents of terrorism, is a good enough explanation for any rational person. Like a soon-to-be nuclear Iran, domestic terrorism is the disgraceful legacy of Barack Obama. Yet, these massacres need not be a regular and continuing facet of the American way of life. Thomas Jefferson's Reaganesque show of strength will be essential going forward. That means electing Donald Trump—and all fellow Republicans—by large margins. Hillary Clinton supporters embrace continued political weakness. Transmitting that foolish signal to the world will only encourage radicals to further target the vocal and particularly vulnerable LGBT community. It's time for the gay community to show solidarity for their fallen fellows by voting for the party with the historical record of promoting individual freedom: Abraham Lincoln's GOP.

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