Friday, June 24, 2016

Killer's Prosthetic Leg Alibi

“We believe [not following protocol: device on skin for Mr. Green] was absolutely human error.” - Chris McDowell of Sentinel Services (fitter and supplier of bracelets on pretrial detainees)

No doubt Mr. “Mc-Do-well's” tepid mea culpa is very reassuring to former D.C. resident Dana Hamilton. He—shot dead on May 19thin Southeast Washington—lived in the “gun-free zone” that is the nation's capital. Yet, the Orwellian technology—same as gun restriction laws (like the new ones sit-in Democrats occupying Congress are “desperate” to pass)—didn't protect Mr. Hamilton. Neither did the keystone cops who lost track of the one-legged man who murdered him.

Quincy “Q” Green, a 44-year old charged with the crime might have been missing a limb, but he had something authorities collectively didn't have: a brain. How did this “mastermind” manage to outsmart D.C.'s finest? Like a bad Agatha Christie mystery, their records showed the assailant was a mile away from the scene when the killing occurred. In the living room of his second floor apartment—to be precise.

These duped rocket scientists suspected Mr. Green had tampered with the GPS device they'd fitted him with. The big reveal (you've already guessed at): when the powers-that-be fitted him with the tracker they neglected to put it on his natural leg. So, he simply removed the prosthetic. Stowed it safely in a box where it signaled away contentedly. Swapping it out for a spare, this aptly named villain—like a murderous character from the board game “Clue”—went out to do his dastardly deed.

Another little police oopsie daisy that cost an innocent man his life. Still, what if Mr. Hamilton had been a legally armed gun owner (something forbidden in D.C.)? His chance of survival would have been 50% rather than what it was: zero. That's why lawless Democrats' gun control harangue is utter nonsense. The responsible party is always the user. This one-legged bandit in DC—and the radical Islamic terrorist in Orlando.

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