Sunday, June 19, 2016

Love American Style

Putting aside the fear-based barbarity of a radical Islamic terrorist for a moment, the Orlando massacre ironically brings to light a little-discussed subject to the forefront, that of love.

At 90, former Pennsylvania senator Harris Wofford remarried this past April 30th: this second time around to a man. This happy event received scant media attention compared to the tragedy at Orlando's Pulse gay club. Why? I do not mean to imply that honoring the deaths of 49 innocents gunned down by a self-hating, religious fanatic is not important. Still, on balance, widely reporting life-affirming events—like this organic demonstration of new American tolerance—deserves much more attention than it currently gets.

Every wedding is significant because it represents hope and commemorates new beginnings. So, what's special about Mr. Wofford's nuptials with a second great love, Matthew Charlton, 40? This marriage proves American hearts transcend the superficial differences of age and gender. Specifically, Mr. Wofford's daughter articulates the prevailing attitude the MSM virtually ignores: “I think it's wonderful. My father is a very lucky man to find someone who cares for him.” Indeed, the acceptance both bridegrooms universally experience may still be surprising to some, but not among them is this present generation.

This truth is that our culture has taken quantum leaps in acceptance. Yet, who would know that from listening to the biased MSM? They make a deliberate effort to ignore this clear progress. Why? Because an alienated electorate votes for Democrats (whom the press philosophically supports) under the guise of providing “objective” news. What is actually presented is propaganda. A distorted fun house mirror of American cultural dynamics circa 1963's “The Help.”

Yet, it's not 1963, it's 2016. The problem with our society is not with discrimination. It is not about guns. It concerns dishonest leaders in government and in the sycophantic liberal media. Collectively these overly cozy bedfellows promote a divisive, anti-American agenda via politically correct progressivism. Yet, this statist philosophy of Democrats is an anti-American corrosive upon the very fabric of our republic. Hence, the many politically polarizing disasters of the Obama years.

Why this devil's partnership between them? The distraction is useful to the powers-that-be in both establishments to maintain elitist political control. That's why both groups fixate on disseminating—and promoting—the circumstances that divide. Thus today's flood of stories about mass murders like Omar Mateen. The liberals' false narrative about “hate-filled America” has no room for the diametrically opposing 21st century American reality. Where is their vested interest in acknowledging the loving unions that build society-strengthening family connections of various kinds? They have none.

There remains the quiet expression of great love in America despite its disregarded—and changing forms. That quiet truth about us—as a nation—is undiminished. We are Ronald Reagan's “shining city on a hill.” Likewise, we are MLK's realized dream of open hearts and open minds. This inspiring nexus forms the uniquely American character, making anything possible. Therefore, ultimately, it matters not what zealots do. Or what the MSM says about them—or us. Love, like an unified, indestructible undercurrent always prevails, gently guiding America's destiny.

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