Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Carter's failures peanuts compared to Obama's

The former Georgian peanut farmer, governor and U.S. president can officially stop white-knuckling it: per the data in a USA Today Quinnipiac University poll 33% to 8% Jimmy Carter will no longer be considered the worst still living president in U.S. history. In time's yellowing rearview mirror, Democrat Mr. Carter—who by most accounts is considered well-intentioned though completely incompetent—is breathing a great sigh of relief. Mr. Carter's political small-potatoes: an economy mired in a lasting malaise of double-digit inflation and interest rates, an energy crisis resulting in long gas station lines and Iranian Islamic revolutionaries kidnapping of 66 American hostages. Given the current scandal-plagued Obama administration with domestic and international failures galore, no one will remotely recall Mr. Carter's minor failure of a presidency. No, all of those unfortunate events have been completely overshadowed by the White House's current occupant who has gotten away with imperialism and corruption Richard Nixon could scarcely have dreamt of. Barack Obama, a presidential lame-duck desperate both for continued relevancy 6 years into office and a lasting legacy will have one, but not the one he wants. So rash is he to claim another hollow political victory, he negotiates a non-binding "executive agreement" with the intention, once again, to completely circumvent the authority of Congress in its Constitutional responsibility to ratify that which otherwise would be known as a treaty. To make matters worse, Mr. Obama is even offering Iran a signing bonus: between $30 billion and $50 billion of oil revenue currently frozen in offshore accounts. What does he care if Iran, the world's biggest sponsor of Islamic terrorism, uses the money to support Jihad or build missiles that can deliver nuclear warheads to the West? It won't technically be on his watch. He'll likely be on the golf course somewhere when these probabilities come to fruition and it will be the next guy's (or girl's) problem. In the dispassionate view of history, the Orwellian Nobel Peace Prize winning Mr. Obama deservedly will take the prize as worst modern U.S. president for endangering America and making the world a much more dangerous place.

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