Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Blended politics and befuddled ideas

In this day and age of tenuous labeling of human behavior, fluid gender identity—and bathroom usage based on the whims of personality—now a self-described Socialist (the badly electorally-challenged presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)) isn't really what he says he is? 

That's what political scribblers like the Stefani Olszewskis of the world laughably claim. Specifically, how is Sanders's outspoken advocacy of a 90% income tax not her idea of hindering economic freedom? Further, Ms. Olszewski specifies Sanders isn't a traditional socialist because he doesn't want the government to “own the means of production.” That trivial statement is ultimately academic. Bernie “free-millennial-everything” Sanders wants to tax private industry into submission, if not oblivion. Why should government do the heavy-lifting of inefficiently controlling production when they can simply take? That's the basis of Democrat's tax-and-spend policies—and the Obama wrinkle—wealth redistribution

Fact: Under Mr. Obama almost 10 trillion has been added to the national debt. Per the WSJ, Mr. Sanders's policies, if enacted, will add an additional 18 trillion to that. That's a national tab of almost 40 trillion. It's economic suicide. 

Indeed, Mr. Sanders wants to continue self-described “Democrat” Barack Obama's almost 8 years of economy-destroying policies. However, in practical terms, there is no difference in the nebulous 2016 “Democrat/Socialist alternative.” At least those supposedly in the know like DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and front-runner Hillary Clinton can't explain a difference. Translation: that means there isn't one!

Democrat's obscuring alphabet soup of different labels is meaningless. Whether proffering themselves as “liberals, progressives, Democrats or socialists,” all re-brand the same anti-American principle: big-government, cradle-to-grave dependence with themselves, the elitists, perpetually at the top of food chain. In political parlance, this is the Democrat's poverty plantation (that interestingly keeps 90% of the black population loyal to the party that historically was pro-slavery, anti-women's suffrage and anti-civil rights.) 

The duty of all conservative media outlets is to convey these realities (and their underlying facts, as above) not drink the same propagandist Kool-Aid as their fellows in the MSM.

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