Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Democrats' Orwellian Kabuki Theater

In George Orwell's fictional dystopian classic "1984" political leaders (symbolized by "Big Brother") habitually lie, speak out of both sides of their mouths and intend the polar opposite of what they do say.  For example, in Orwell's totalitarian depiction, the Ministry of Peace actually promotes perpetual war.  Its political purpose clandestinely advocates hardship in order to distract the citizenry from learning the nefarious truth about its ruling elite.  Sound familiar? 

In Obama's America of anti-American ruling progressives its real life equivalent is Democrat identity politicsthe promotion of superficial differences of race, the economics of class ("You didn't build that, somebody else made that happen") or genderas wedge issues to keep the populace stirred up, at each other's throats--and thereby distracted.  It is political cover smoke that masks incompetent ideologues whose job-killing, income redistribution, tax-and-deficit spend policies ignite real fires indiscriminately in small towns like Ferguson, MO and (not incidentally) in Democratically-controlled urban centers like Baltimore, MD, Chicago and Detroit.  Remember, locals who have gainful employment and/or otherwise positively contribute to their communities don't burn their own neighborhoods to the ground. 

Sal Alinsky ("There is only the fight...") progressives like Obama and Hillary Clinton incite the mob mentality.  Ferguson and Baltimore are societal fissures manipulated by Democrats along racial lines, but this pattern holds equally true for the Occupy Wall Street movement which enflamed class warfare.  To this end, laughably, the divisive politics of bold faced lies continues by she who would be our next president.  Mrs. Clinton said: “Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”  Another divisive, whopper of a distortion by a politician who seeks to lead us in 2016.  Indeed, it is insanity to elect a politician of any stripe who actively deceives the people who elect him or her.    

Democratic leaders facilitate crises and exploit such unfortunate situations like the above to further their anti-American "fundamental transformation of America."  This Orwellian political philosophy specifically benefits them individually via the Party.  That is the point of all of this: for liberals it is better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven.  Specifically, a cogent example: with 93 million able-bodied Americans marginalized, ignored by labor statistics and unable to find full time employment, progressive policies are a cancer that wrecks the joint at home and abroad (read: The Middle East).  As the world literally burns Mr. Obama golfs, wholly disaffected, partying with and living like the millionaire and billionaire "fat cat" bankers he publicly demonizes.  It is all Kabuki Theater.  And it is long overdue for the American public to wake up from their mainstream media-induced stupor.  

Remember a fundamental political axiom: an unhappy populace votes Democrat (versus Reagan's inspiring vision of the United States as a "shining city on a hill.")  At the time, America's primary adversary, the Soviets, respected Reaganism ("Peace through strength") because "the Gipper" actually meant what he said and said what he meant.  By contrast, Mr. Obama is the anti-Reagan: a paper tiger known seemingly by everyone else but himself.  This declawed kitten draws illusionary red lines in the sand and then initiates a "for show," impotent military strategy.  At present, only 1 in 4 missions actually make an airstrike against a target at a rate per The New York Times,' of only 15 airstrikes a day against ISIS in Syria and Iraq.  The U.S. Air Force under Mr. Obama's predecessor George W. Bush launched 800 sorties a day, everyday.  Mr. Obama's latest not-so-excellent adventure in the Middle East is all about his own political optics: appearing to be "tough" and doing "something" so he can absurdly claim that under his leadership: "The United States is the most respected country on earth."  Such a sentiment is the very epitome of the Orwellian.

Ronald Reagan—the real deal as "The Great Communicator"could school the fork-tongued Mr. Obama on what it is to be a proud American rather than a world-class moral relativist and Western apologist.  Conservatives know that pretty words in teleprompter-read speeches mean nothing without the backup of principle, actions and deeds.  Citizens loyal to American ideal of liberty must see the truth and elect a stalwart champion of the U.S. Constitution despite a heavily biased and sycophantic press that conspires to obscure and ignore continuing Democratic falsehoods.  Double-speak purveyors of "Big Brother" statismwhich includes every Democratic presidential candidatemust not be allowed to retain the reins of power in 2016.


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