Monday, June 1, 2015

Clinton coronation: Sanders unelectable, advocates gang rape

With the exception of the last 48 hours and Martin O'Malley's entrance into the race which technically makes 3, there have only been two people vying for the Democratic nomination.  Therefore, it is more than tongue-and-cheek, but journalistically disingenuous of Mr. Cillizza to peddle the fantasy that there is actually a contest rather than a Clinton coronation.  The fact that an outspoken, unelectable Socialist could attract any mainstream Democrat support at all is astonishing especially in light of the emergence of Mr. Sanders' 1972 essay about how women enjoy the fantasy of a 3-man gang rape into every orifice; a fact unmentioned in Mr. Cillizza's superficial analysis of Sanders. 

Make no mistake: this laughingstock of a candidate is both personally misogynistic and politically anti-American.  I don't know why Democratic leaders have gone so far off their philosophical rails (รก la Obama; Warren; Sanders; O'Malley) from Jeffersonian Classic Liberalism (the right of the individual over the state) to its radical, polar opposite: Statism.  But the Democratic party resides there now, that much is clear.

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