Thursday, February 18, 2016

Rare political football fumbles

Generally, I swear by the learned views of Washington Times columnists rather than at them.  But these political “bedfellows” must have collectively got off the wrong side of the mattress Tuesday morning. 

Regarding R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.'s “Hillary the Inevitable:” he completely neglects to mention the all-important super-delegates—30% of the total dictated by Democrat party “insiders” like madam's husband Bill (no nepotism there) —which gives Hillary a 394 to 44 lead over socialist Sanders heading into Clinton-friendly South Carolina's upcoming Saturday primary.  Further, this Soviet-style control (tellingly non-existent in the GOP) ensures no repeat upstart candidate á la Barack Obama in 2008.  Lastly, as Socialist/Democrat talking heads have no discernible differences of opinion on any issue, one needs no “lucky” Iowa coin flips to understand the pack mentality.  Even no-go gaff-prone Joe knows: the fix is in for Clinton 2.0 in 2016.

Regarding Charles Hurt's “[K]amikazi stunt by Ted Cruz”: I, for one, am glad someone with a history of filibustering Obamacare is on record to put the kibosh on whatever animal, vegetable or mineral Mr. Obama nominates to the Supreme Court to replace recently deceased conservative icon Antonin Scalia.  As a Harvard-trained lawyer, Mr. Cruz is better equipped to understand the proper meaning of “advise and consent” rather than Mr. Hurt.  Ted's right: Republican's control the legislative agenda (read: voting).  To inform this lame-duck president his goose is cooked in this matter is “advising.”  Such an action is well within the Senate's purview not to give “consent.” 

Mr. Cruz both honors the Constitution and stands up for principle, something scandal-prone Hillary is completely devoid of.  That's called backbone: a thing sorely lacking in jellied beltway politicians.  Incidentally, its absence also explains Donald Trump's meteoric rise in the polls.

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