Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The corrupt ivory tower of Socialism

If elected leaders were fundamentally altruistic—unselfishly devoted to the empowerment of their fellow man—the theory of collectivism might have promise. The widespread sentiment would have to be consistently along the philosophical lines of JFK's “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” But it's not. The present generation of “Democrats” promote the polar opposite perspective. It is the use of often faceless, bureaucratic government to promote cradle-to-grave economic dependence with themselves, naturally, the elected head of the food chain. That's the maddeningly indifferent DMV experience of running healthcare via Obamacare, except for everything. In other words, this is tyranny of big government á la George Orwell's dystopian “1984.” Make no mistake, Big Brother's name in 2016 is Bernie “90% tax rate” Sanders. And not to leave madame out of the equation, Big Sister is scandal-prone, chronic liar Hillary Clinton.

Speaking of spewing a torrent of lies, during the infamous Benghazi hearings when Hillary Clinton said “What difference, at this point, does it make?” was she clandestinely referring to the phony choice that is the Democrat/Socialist alternative? That is why she and DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz can't explain a difference because—newsflash—there isn't one. If you have two candidates promoting versions of the same statist agenda, the snookered and befuddled voters will choose the genuine article not the one under potential, future federal indictment (read:Server-gate). Despite Mrs. Clinton's often-cited novelty of her own sex as a presidential candidate, that's why Mr. Sanders leads in the polls and will win in New Hampshire. Madeleine Albright says women will go to hell for not voting for Hillary, I assure you the country will if women (or men) do.

It is not that Bernie Sanders is so “hip” to millenials, it is that he a better used car salesman of the complete fallacy of “free stuff.” It's Bernie Sanders as a red-suited pseudo-Santa Claus promising, for example, “free” college tuition, a yearly 70 billion tab to the taxpayer in a country with a 19 trillion dollar debt—and growing by the nanosecond. Unfortunately, this generation is so accustomed to helicopter mommies and daddies paying their bills, it is not a stretch for them to believe Uncle Sam can be gerrymandered into a surrogate fiscal “father.” Politically, this is standard class warfare, the demonized 1 percent “haves” versus the 99 percent “have-nots.” It keeps the masses stirred up, angry and blaming somebody else for their personal woes—and not incidentally electing candy-promising Democrats. Specifically, it's buying votes with other people's money á la Obama's financial redistributionist schemes like the aforementioned Obamacare. But it is even more insidious than that. It is the grievance culture manipulated by the Democratic ruling class to keep themselves perpetually in power that destroys American society like a cancer from within. Witness the last 7 years of the “fundamental transformation of America:” progressives are more than content to rule in a socialistic hell of their own design.

This divisive political wedge is straight out of the Democrat's political playbook. The fact that it is used even more effectively by Mr. Sanders than by Mrs. Clinton, once again, concretely demonstrates that there is no daylight in their politics. Despite publicly cursing capitalists, with a wink-and-a-nod both take Wall Street money. The back-and-forth finger-pointing between the two is just a sham given their famous debate handshake. Let me be clear: the choice boils down to anti-American socialism under the appropriated Democrat brand or conservative, can-do American exceptionalism. Pick a name out of a hat, any of the diverse bench of Republicans will be a vast improvement.

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