Sunday, October 11, 2015

JFK Democrats no resemblance to Obama, progressives

President JFK once famously said, “But I dream things that never were—and I say: 'Why not?'” Today's progressive, Democratic party—and their propagandist creature, the MSM—twists perceptions of truth with the same ease and disdain as it would JFK's inspiring words of leadership into: “I habitually say things that are untrue—and never were.” It is the oxymoronic concept of “leading from behind;” the abdication of responsibility by those who would lead, but are incapable of accepting the inherent responsibility (and veracity) that comes with the job. Indeed, irresponsible power wielded without the check and balance of law promotes widespread government corruption and ultimately degenerates society into chaos. How far America has fallen in a mere 7 years. Ring any bells for anyone?

Serious character flaws notwithstanding, that is the underlying reason for Obama's (and Hillary's) bold-faced dishonesty with the American people wholly ignored (or greatly diminished) by an abetting MSM. The political optics of promoting “big lies” always serves the modern-day Democrat's primary purpose of self-promotion: maintaining and/or expanding personal political power via overreaching government “control” and the corresponding erosion of individual freedom and liberty. That is why the powers-that-be in the Obama Administration disregard the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights with such maddening regularity. We are literally and metaphorically as a “House of Cards,” just waiting for the next inevitable crisis or worse, some real-world eventuality like widespread domestic terrorism or violent insurgency. Historically, America threw off the yoke of British imperialism for far less than what Obama and his ultra-Constitutional minions have done collectively behind the shield of faceless big government on almost a daily basis.

Based upon results, 7 years of observation demonstrates that Mr. Obama is clearly out-of-his-depth. Couple that community-organizing incompetence with a profound anti-American ideology and one sees a man who has skated through the presidency leaving disasters at home and abroad in his golf-playing wake with little more than a winsome smile, his ethnicity, and a detached coolness that appeals to gaff-prone Joe Biden as well as empty-headed millennials who don't differentiate between style and substance. Whatever is behind the mask of his public persona may never be fully known. One can only infer what his private belief system actually is (or name for God he uses) and how that practice informs his life's perceptions. However, contrast Mr. Obama's supposed Christianity with Mr. Carson's authentic example and the truth—very much like the soft-spoken retired neurosurgeon himself—is quiet and plain. In any case, Mr. Obama is a Machiavellian leader of capricious whims: exactly what did America gain from normalizing relations with the brutal, repressive Castro regime after 53 years? By the sum of Mr. Obama's words and deeds, Mr. Kennedy could not fathom such a person as a Democrat let alone a two-term U.S. president.

Despite the shifting sands of the political landscape, proof to Mr. Kennedy would be Mr. Obama's wholesale embrace of the dictator Castro brothers. In retrospect, his views would make JFK a mainstream Republican of today especially in light of his emphasis on public integrity and fiscal conservatism. Indeed, Mr. Kennedy would not recognize what his Democratic party has metastasized into: anti-American progressivism so extreme that an unapologetic socialist, Bernie “90% tax rate” Sanders is mounting a spirited campaign on the Democratic side for president in 2016. Could one imagine what passes for current would-be Democratic “leadership,” the “madhouse” of Hillary, Obama, Biden or Sanders being taken seriously as presidential contenders in JFK's day? Not a chance.

Today, there is no daylight between mainstream Democrats and their unchecked, socialistic authoritarianism where the State, not the individual, is king. Undoubtedly, Kennedy was pro-government programs—but as a means of their original intention, temporary assistance—not what they've mutated into: multigenerational economic cradle-to-grave government dependence. Kennedy wanted to create economic circumstances conducive to his fellow citizens reaching their individual potential. However, progressives à la Obama and his fellow Democrats want just the opposite: to bring everyone down to the same basic level of subsistence with all economic power and decision-making flowing like manna from a centralized, autocratic government they helm. To them—this elite ruling class of “public servant” influence-peddling millionaires beyond the fray—it is better to reign in America divided against itself, distracted by blame. This is the true meaning and purpose of Obama's “fundamental transformation” of America. His Orwellian desire, it seems—for which he unfortunately has had an astonishing degree of success—is to cripple our democracy into a Third World hellhole similar to that of his Indonesian childhood. In this, he is not only anti-Kennedy, he is also anti-Reagan's view of America as a way-showing, First World shinning city upon a hill. To make a political analogy, Obama progressives wish to extinguish Lady Liberty's flame by covering her with the muzzling black robe of the Burka, the Muslim women's garb of silent submission to Islam.

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