Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Like Elvis, “clock boy” has left the building

Under Obama, a record number of Americans have renounced their U.S. Citizenship. Some don't bother with that formality and simply leave.  Among that number is teen hoaxer, Ahmed Mohammad known by his internet nickname “clock boy.” He of 15 minute millennial fame has fled to Qatar—an Islamic totalitarian state—for freedoms apparently no longer found here. Interestingly, this decision came just 24 hours after personally meeting with Mr. Obama. Indeed, after lavishing such public praise—via Twitter: 'Cool clock, Ahmed. Want to bring it to the White House? We should inspire more kids like you to like science. It's what makes America great'—the loss of Ahmed's so-called scientific “genius” is something he must privately bemoan. But, like Mr. Obama's “chicken little” obsession with weather, this trivia is the least of our country's many woes.

Snap! Even dissed by a 14 year-old Islamic boy. Despite Mr. Obama's clear pro-Islamic bias, the admiration is historically never mutual (much, I imagine, to his private frustration). If only Mr. Obama, a two-term U.S. president, would show such impassioned fidelity to average Americans and Christians, in specific. In any case, Ahmed Mohammad's sudden flight is an interesting commentary on Mr. Obama's political radioactivity as the worst-ranked living U.S. president.

This unprecedented migration is a direct consequence of Democratic leaders' bold-faced lies and anti-American policies causing our ever-dwindling fortunes, widespread societal chaos and the dimming of the long-term prospects of this nation. Since when has the politician's big lie become “no big deal?” While Richard Nixon turns in his grave, that has certainly been the case during the 7 years of the Obama administration. And while Mr. Obama—like his prodigal “clock boy” wunderkind who took the money and ran—so too will Mr. Obama take the taxpayer-funded largesse of his presidential pension and likely retire to some exclusive golf course laden enclave of the uber-rich. However, as past is prologue, current Democrat-created circumstances do not portend good things for the rest of us.

Indeed, Obama—who only praises all things big government (anti-Capitalist), Islamic and/or scientifically backwards—perhaps could join scholarship-awarded Ahmed at the Qatar Foundation of Education to teach U.S. Constitutional law; no doubt an elective class subservient to Sharia law. Ahmed created a crock (not a clock) and the same thing can be said for the disastrous Obama presidency.

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