Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Iowans 'Iffy' on Demagogue Trump vote Cruz

It seems that salt-of-the-earth Iowans have seen through the P.T. Barnum act that is Donald Trump's insurgency and have sensibly chosen a solid conservative, Ted Cruz, with 28%, a 4-point victory.  The element that has makes one wary of The Donald is his style of aggressively impugning dissenters. In the glaring example of Fox moderator Megyn Kelly, it doesn't even rise to that level. Last August, she asked a fair question during the first Fox debate regarding Mr. Trump's publicly uttered misogynistic statements. That makes her a good reporter not Trump's “lightweight, third-rate or bimbo” as he today claims for not liking her query then. Identical to Mr. Obama's habitual, thin-skinned petulance, Mr. Trump is making something that is strictly the business of the political process very personal.

The next leader of the Free World needs to “keep [his] head when all about [him] are losing theirs....”  A standard enumerated in Rudyard Kipling's poem “If.” That's a person made of finer stuff, specifically an even temperament who will honor Constitutional prohibitions. This my-way-or-the-highway form of governance hasn't worked for the last 7 years—and it will work no better with another egotist except with a little 'R' by his name.

Still, any Republican is better than the Democrat/Socialist alternative. Indeed, the only big house Mrs. Clinton belongs in has doors that lock people in and is not painted white. Yet, whomever ends up in the Oval Office should not only speak plainly, but also respect differing opinions as sacrosanct to a healthily functioning democracy. That's not the current national front-runner of either political party who remain Trump and Hillary, a truly iffy scenario for American voters.

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