Thursday, March 31, 2016

Washington via myopic homestead

With the panorama of the nation's capital, like a “happening” banquet of low-hanging fruit, Washington Post columnist John Kelly can't seem to get beyond the confines of his driveway or his latest involving the contents of his mailbox.

Last August, he detailed the slight public interest curiosity of mating leopard slugs nesting on his property's border wall. This week he moves the short distance to his mailbox, and to a new low: a column concerning a high-class credit card mailer. Yet, his appropriately snarky reaction to the glossy flyer only amounts to a free Post advertisement for MasterCard. Is that the best this scribe of all-things-Washington can find to focus on? A topic so inane it lacks even a smidgen of the creativity of his now famous squatters, those frisky leopard slugs?

Seriously? That someone can make a very good living at such a racket—apparently enough to afford that gold-plated Luxury Card —proves that America is still the land of opportunity. After all, where else could someone get away with filling such pricey space in a major newspaper with such utter nonsense? I shutter to think what triviality is next for John Kelly's Washington.

From exposing presidential wrongdoing like Nixon's Watergate scandal to this?  It's both a real come down and a real head scratcher. 

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