Wednesday, December 2, 2015

“Funny business” conference Obama worldwide scam

Allotted a mere three minutes to speak at the UN “climate change” conference in Paris, our Chicken Little “sky is falling” president—who equates weather changes as a greater threat to civilization than radical Islamic terrorism—rambled and sputtered for 14. (By contrast, Abraham Lincoln’s now world famous Gettysburg Address—which reaffirmed the goodness of a geographically reunified North and South, and encapsulated the American ideal of sacrifice for the greater good of human equality—took just over two minutes.)

Oblivious, Mr. Obama was buzzed five times to get a clue and wrap it up—and didn’t. (The person manning the buzzer gave up after the 11th minute.) Meanwhile to add to the comic relief, an equally clueless woman crosses in the background behind him twice (at 1:05 and 2:15: bully to the Secret Service). This hysterical video shows our intrepid leader uttering the word “signal” followed by an almost choreographed buzz (2:28). Such a gaffe-prone circumstance more typical of his foot-in-mouth VP Joe “a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S” Biden. As reported solely by the Washington Free Beaconthe 7-year MIA hiatus of the MSM once again in evidencethe clearly flummoxed organizers badly needed one of those old fashioned vaudeville hooks and the famous giant gong from NBC’s ‘70s amateur “talent” show to silence Mr. Obama and drag him into the wings.

Let me be clear: this “weather” summit is Obama’s economic redistribution sham. A veiled effort to use his personal “terror” of raindrops and snowflakes to justify funneling American dollars (borrowed at interest from China due to our ever-growing 19 trillion dollar debt) to third world totalitarian regimes that also use a pen and a phone to get things done. The other world leaders in attendance are happy to let the president drone on and on—in giddy anticipation of their Obama-promised handouts:

“Here in Paris, let’s also make sure that these resources flow to the countries that need help preparing for the impacts of climate change that we can no longer avoid.” ... “There are hundreds of billions of dollars ready to deploy to countries around the world if they get the signal that we mean business this time.” ... “[A]n agreement that helps us lift people from poverty without condemning the next generation to a planet that’s beyond its capacity to repair.”

Obviously, the “people in poverty to be helped” do not refer to Mr. Obama’s fellow citizens as his policies have added 9 trillion to the nation’s red ink—almost double that of all preceding U.S. presidents—in the 7 years he has been in office. More of the “fundamental transformation of America” designed to pulverize America into something no better than the third world hellholes Mr. Obama embraces (read: Cuba).

As with all of Obama’s “weakening” monetary policies of deficit-spending and redistribution of American treasure to ideological allies, the underlying purpose is the further fleecing of America. See the pattern of the Obama doctrine of “rewarding friends and punishing enemies:” the wasted 2009 Obama “stimulus” funneled to green energy Democrat political cronies like the bankrupt Solyndra; the taxpayer funds squandered by pro-Democrat unions controlling GM; the trillion dollars wasted by Obamacare in the big government bureaucratic takeover of free market medicine (which redistributes coverage to the economically downtrodden—not incidentally pro-liberal voters—while ultimately leaving a different 30 million uninsured (read: the “problem” the dubiously named Affordable Care Act was supposed to solve)). This international meeting is more of the same.

JFK was the last true Democrat in the traditional sense of the concept. The divisive, self-obsessed “free stuff” anti-Capitalist triumvirate of Obama-Clinton-Sanders bears no resemblance beyond appropriating the label. JFK famously said: “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Today that means having a good, long belly laugh at Mr. Obama’s expense—listening for that repeating “signaling” beep for his final exit (left) from the world stage—and electing the most conservative, strict Constitutionalist we can find. A salt-of-the-earth American like Ted Cruz who speaks plainly, commands respect, and is a leader no one would ever hasten from the podium.

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