Sunday, December 13, 2015

Successful Hillary: worst political year?

Although I agree with Chris Cillizza's worst-year assessment of Jeb Bush—and the now unlikely Bush-Clinton 2016 presidential contest made my skin crawl—how can the same be said for Hillary? Beyond that, Mr. Cillizza is confused on a few key points. The truly “gifted politician” named Clinton is clearly Bill, not Hillary. Furthermore, as a lock for her party's nomination—and with a statistical 50/50 probability of becoming the next POTUS—how can she be mischaracterized by The Washington Post as having the worst year on the Democrat's side? (The unexplained reason for Mr. Cillizza's selection: Hillary is the only viable candidate of the biologically lilly-white three on the Democrat side; in contrast Republicans have ten diverse and serious contenders). Lastly, as historically the first female presidential nominee from a major political party, that seems like success to me rather than failure.

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