Thursday, January 15, 2015

Beware Democratic leaders' moral relativism (Monica Crowley, Washington Times, January 14, 2015)

Like a prized Picasso, I'd like to frame Monica Crowley's "Obama, Hillary and the Dr. Phil foreign policy" commentary and display it prominently for posterity.  Her analysis is that insightful.  It is like she gave the two of them political couple's therapy; I doubt Dr. Phil could do so well.  For example, Ms. Crowley rightly pointed out Mr. Obama's longstanding behavioral pattern--from Cuba, to the Middle East to China and beyond--it seems our president has never met a totalitarian Leftist dictator he didn't bow to (think of his global apology tour early on in his administration) and deliver flexibility to (by turning a blind eye to the Iranian nuclear program and Russian aggression in Ukraine).  Similarly, Hillary's foreign policy blundering during her lackluster turn as secretary of state did nothing more than sow the seeds that have emboldened America's enemies around the world.  In Mr. Obama's case, history has borne out the critical flaw of inexperience as well as the abject failure of anti-American sentiment and anti-capitalistic policies based upon a one-size-fits-all mentality (think Obamacare) of government intrusion and control.  His and hers foreign policy are also a matching set indicating apologist pandering to geopolitical foes, change for short term personal political gain and the hopeful naïveté to see the burning world not as it is, but how one wants it to be.  Although Mrs. Clinton is technically more of a known quantity than Mr. Obama was when he assumed the presidency, her resume is equally skin deep: first lady is not an official job description and her track record as a carpet-bagging, do-nothing senator from New York does not bode well for her prospects to successfully lead the country.  After a tumultuous eight years, the last thing America needs is more weak-kneed moral relativism by a president wrongly focused upon capitulation to the enemy rather than understanding that the primary responsibility of the job is looking out for our interests; and protecting, preserving and defending the Constitution.

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