Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Obama's Chicken Little Fascism

Truth be told, chickens really do roost together. Specifically, I refer to Donald Trump's “no respect” stooge, Mr. Obama and the communist duo of ruling dictators, the brutal Castro Brothers. For 55 years, since stridently anti-communist Democrat JFK and the 1960s Cuban Missile Crisis when Russian Soviets tried to posit US-striking nuclear missiles on the island (disbanded after a successful U.S. naval blockade), America's relations have been in a Cold War deep-freeze.

This week as another part of his paper tiger legacy (like his failed Hillary Clinton Russian “reset” or his Middle East destabilizing-ISIS flourishing U.S. troop withdraw from Iraq), Mr. Obama is the first U.S. president to visit this present-day slave state since Calvin Coolidge in 1928. Located ninety miles south of Key West, Florida, Coolidge's journey took three days via battleship. By contrast, Mr. Obama “winged it” in three hour luxury on Air Force One, the alms of normalized U.S. relations gifted like candy from his coattails. As usual, the oft vacationing Mr. Obama will enjoy himself with his extended Cuban-background “selfie” celebration for one, but the human rights abuses continue unchanged. (This reality is further echoed by presidential candidate Ted Cruz who detailed that nine refugees drowned over the weekend in a futile attempt to escape the same hellhole the obliviously smug Mr. Obama so blithely tours.)

As with the Iranian nuclear deal where the Ayatollahs gained everything and Mr. Obama nothing (but the empty political bragging rights of a slow-roll “deal” that guarantees those religious radicals offensive nuclear weapons after he is out of office in 2017), it seems our president has never met a totalitarian thug he kowtow to. But, why wouldn't he like such men—strong-arm bullies mirroring his own proclivities—who act beyond law (or human decency) with all the same impunity of an imperial “pen and phone?”

Such are the fascist impulses (a concept historically and factually left-wing, but mis-defined in popular culture as right-wing) clear in the acts of anti-American Barack Obama—and the like-minded leaders he supports. Like the Castros (where opposition is jailed or otherwise literally “silenced”), Mr. Obama's subtler “smiley face” version involves the modern-day corrosive of stifling political correctness, the propagandist MSM, and the “bully” pulpit inherent in the U.S. presidency to steer the political conversation (read: drown out contrary voices.) Indeed, if Cuba is an example of a “political” carrot (read: Obama's hope and change progressive agenda), what then is the stick?

For “change,” a fascist uses any crisis (even an artificial scientifically-squishy one) to relentlessly push a hard leftist ideology over the goal line. In the Obama era, this well-established dynamic is known as alarmist “global warming” (now downgraded to the more innocuously-sounding “climate change.”) Despite First Amendment free speech protections, Mr. Obama's attorney general, Loretta Lynch, is considering the manipulation of racketeering laws to prosecute skeptics. In the final analysis, how is that heavy-handed repression of dissent any different than the Castro regime's state-run media warning its citizens to not protest during Barack & Michelle's Excellent Adventure?

Ignored by the Obamas, America used to be Ronald Reagan's “shining city on a hill”: a beacon for freedom, liberty's clarion call (not to mention a capitalist standard of living worth striving for). Now, America's political leadership turns a blind eye to widespread cruelty to play patty-cake photo op—on bended knee—with other leftist tyrants.

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  1. A facist? No, a god! His father told me of a time when Junior, now our president, tried to whip his father's chained slaves into saying that he was their one and only god. Except for two they all quickly said as demanded. One of the two was deaf so he did not know what to saw, so Barack Obama whipped him to death. The other did not understand Barack's language so he was whipped to death. Hail Barack.