Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Netanyahu thunders, Democrats grumble

A rare clarion call came out of Congress yesterday: clear, unambiguous, true and transparent.  That voice of mature leadership, fueled by the fire of unequivocal determination which filled the hall and shook the rafters filling a six year void like music.  Unfortunately, the message was not issued from the lips of an American president or any member of the "greatest deliberative body in the world."  It came from a foreigner, an Israeli prime minister whose tiny country is beset on all geographical sides by enemy states bent on his peoples' annihilation.  Benjamin Netanyahu's Reaganesque massage was simple as a hammer; both universal and distinctly American in tone: 'peace through strength.'  The JV team of the Obama Administrationthat continues to idly fiddle and parse words while Iran runs out the clock and moves inexorably closer to the bomb and ballistic missile technologyshould take lessons.  But they won't.  They are as hardhearted as Nancy Pelosi and her almost crocodile tears not for Mr. Netanyahu's inspiring words, but for having her feet publically and politically stepped on.  In abject pettiness sheand her ilkgripes, inexplicably reading insult into Mr. Netanyahu's freedom-loving words.  The truth is she is blinded by the measure of a true leader.  The insult isn't hers; it’s actually ours, the American people, for giving the reins of power to those who have no aptitude for the job. 

Re. "Netanyahu believes in American Exceptionalism, too bad Obama doesn't," Charles Hurt's Column, The Washington Times

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