Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wasting space with uninformed views

The Washington Times' Letters to the Editor section has shrunk from a traditional newspaper column to that of the size of a post card (done, I presume, for budgetary reasons.) Then, this tiny, precious space is filled with the vacuous views of progressives.

Tuesday's topics: an anti-Trump piece, and an anti-Republican piece for good measure. Regarding “Trump unfit for presidency,” the contributor said, “Never before in American history has a person of Trump's self-absorbed authoritarian mindset come so close to the Oval Office?” Delusion? Those exact qualities describe current Oval Office occupant Barack Obama! Similarly, the second neophyte in “Supreme Court needs nine” laments Mr. Obama's inability to wrest the Senate's constitutional consent for his Supreme Court pick. Indeed, out of the mouth of this babe comes drooling: “I think I deserve to live in a country that follows its constitution.” That's precisely what Senate Republicans are doing in this matter: not giving approval—their purview. Clearly, this millennial has no idea how our system of government actually functions.

Still, we agree on one thing. If Republicans had followed the Constitution and impeached Mr. Obama for repeated executive overreach—clear to anyone who understands our founding document—he would have been somewhat reined in even if not removed from office. And long-term our country would be the better for it. The colossal mess it's currently in is due to both sides of our political leadership not heeding Constitutional strictures.

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