Friday, July 18, 2014

Impeach the bystander president (after November's 2014 mid-term election)

While Malaysian Flight 17 still smoldered, downed by a surface-to-air missile likely fired by pro-Russian separatists incinerating 298 people, the president continued his scheduled fund raising and speechifying—in which he stated this ‘may be’ a terrible tragedy—without missing a beat.  This dynamic was eerily similar to his reaction the day after the Benghazi travesty in which four heroic Americans were slain futilely defending an overrun and under-secured American embassy.  The president was troubled not a smidgen by this, or other legitimate scandals such as the IRS targeting of conservative groups or NSA spying on rank and file Americans, which he termed ‘phony.’  He has usurped the legislating powers of Congress by the repeated administrative manipulation of the deadlines and requirements of Obamacare for his own political benefit.  Unlike the rest of us, this “Tiger Woods” president seems to exist on a fantasy island (or is that Martha’s Vineyard?) of publically demonized millionaires and billionaires unencumbered by Chinese and Russian aggression against their neighbors, terrorism’s spread in Syria and Iraq, war in the Middle East between Israel and Hamas, nuclear enrichment in Iran and lest I forget the Katrina-like flood of illegal immigrants that have shredded our Southern border worse than the Constitution our Constitutional lawyer president consistently disregards.   When the secret service used the code name ‘Renegade’ for this president, they certainly got that one right.  Congress, do your duty: impeach Obama.

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