Monday, July 28, 2014

Green sees green, I see red (White collar crime pays big)

Today, the aptly named Ephonia Green--for her ironic love of the 5.1 million greenbacks she stole from her non-profit employer--has every reason to smirk.  She embezzled and enjoyed a tax-free fortune that most of us will not earn in our lifetimes and for her eight years of avarice her dream team of attorneys got her the deal of the century: 46-months.  With good behavior she will be out in half the time.  This situation is even more amazing given her previous convictions for the same criminal behavior.  Indeed, Robin Hood and all his thieving merry men are green with envy: they could not have imagined such a scenario in their wildest imaginations.  What wouldn't be hard for Robin Hood to grasp is that it is easy to be charitable when being generous with other people's money.  Naturally, at some point the authorities will get around to seizing Ms. Green's ill-gotten assets, no doubt worth a fraction of what she stole.  Given Ms. Green's duplicitous nature, I would not be a bit surprised if there is a slush fund in the Cayman Islands just waiting to be liberated.  Indeed, I predict greener pastures in Ms. Green's future: palm trees, a tropical locale and ice cold Coronas.  At 44, life is long despite a short prison stint.  White color crime may cause the rest of us to see red, but it seems to pay off just fine when you've got the green as Ms. Green could tell you.   

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