Thursday, November 10, 2016

“The Simpsons” Predicts Trump Presidency!

As life imitates art, why shouldn't the indecent brawl that was the 2016 presidential contest mimic the comedic classic “The Simpsons?” As the longest ongoing sitcom in television history, this generation-long laugh factory has lampooned every element of the American “nuclear” family. As an example of thematic depth, the buffoonishly lovable Dad, Homer, works as an incompetent donut munching safety inspector for a decrepit nuclear power plant. Turns out, this just-wholesome-enough comedic institution has moved into the unusual arena of political prescience.

Although “Simpsons” creators intended many Springfields, as art is a shared experience, the viewing audience fortuitously assumes the show's setting to be the heart-shaped Ohio (politically: so goes this state so goes the nation). Therefore, one marvels at the synchronicity that an obscure reference to a “future”  Trump presidency—in a 2000 “Simpsons” episode—would reflect the most clownish and unconventional political landscape in modern times.

Has “The Simpsons” inadvertently forecast the course of America's political future? That answer is yes! Interestingly, in that same episode, daughter Lisa, now grown, is a female U.S. president. (Undoubtedly, Sen. Elizabeth “'1/32' American Indian” Warren (D-MA) is already gearing up for her own failed presidential run in four years. See ya then, Pocahontas!) Yet, that “Lisa” won't be bawling Hillary (despondent over perhaps her orange jumpsuit future).

Indeed, fate has turned—and “The Simpsons” has mirrored an unlikely reality! The hungover glitterati made the grave mistake of believing the deeply flawed electoral forecasts of their Starbucks drinking compatriots in the MSM. To all of them, the popular vote map resembling a beautiful Jackson Pollock painting is something abhorrent. From their bloodshot eyes, red radiates from coast to coast (with only little drips of blue in urban centers where they commiserate). From the “blue” elitist enclaves of Manhattan and Hollywood, the stentorian wail from these progressives is Homer's famous frustrated catchphrase: D'oh!

All humor aside: Thank you America for choosing president-elect Donald Trump as our 45th commander-in-chief.

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