Tuesday, February 23, 2010

In Washington’s shadow goes Mr. Brown. Colorfully.

Partisans are hysterical.  How dare a red senator, Scott P. Brown, vote for a blue bill!  No matter that this Democratic jobs measure with Republican-minded tax cuts actually may be good for the American people.  That Mr. Brown’s action betrayed the myopic vision of his fellows is indicative of why a guy like him is so badly needed.  After all, a public servant that places the people’s interests above his own political self-interest is indeed a rare precedent.  George Washington would be tickled red, white and blue.

Postscript: The denizens of Massachusetts recovered from their ever so brief hangover of sanity by electing Elizabeth Warren, a progressive Democrat, who laughably claimed during her successful campaign against Brown that she's of Native American ancestry ("1/32").  Rumor has it that she has presidential aspirations and is inclined to run if Hillary doesn't.  (Hillary is.)  I am confident that Mrs. Warren has fit right in with Harry Reid and the good-old-boy (now minority) Democratic Senate.  Mr. Brown has since put down roots in New Hampshire, ran for the Senate, but was narrowly defeated by incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen in the general election. I wish him the best of luck whatever the future holds.


'From the bluest of states, a red senator of a different color,' Dana Milbank's column, Washington Post)  

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