Tuesday, July 12, 2016

“Witchy” Clinton “spells” Cohen

“Over the years I have detected wee imperfections in Clinton... [b]ut she is a colossus of integrity and wisdom compared with Trump. He [rightfully] calls her “Crooked Hillary,” [and] she has been ... found, if not completely innocent, then not guilty. The GOP ought to give it a rest.” — From “Clinton survives another Salem trial” by The Washington Post's Richard Cohen

Hillary Clinton Kool-Aid drinker Richard Cohen got only one thing right: the witch part. Missus Slick Willie has literally been mired in corruption and scandal since her late 20s—and hypocritical scribbler Cohen now cheerleads 40 years of Clintons getting away with everything? Is this the same award-winning reporter who co-wrote 1974's “A Heartbeat Away: The Investigation and Resignation of Spiro T. Agnew”: an expose of a corrupt vice president? Unlike Hillary, at least scandal-prone Agnew was already in office before being rightfully driven from it. Assuming that Mr. Cohen isn't simply addled, how is it that he pillared the Republican in his youth, but now champions the Democrat (clearly guilty of far worse wrongdoing) in his advanced age?

“Colossus of integrity and wisdom?” and “If not completely innocent, then not guilty?” Seriously? Loony bins are full of such parsing people who peddle such laughable, patently false delusions. Mr. Cohen desperately needs an intervention, and a cocktail of strong psychotropic medications forthwith.

In any case, it's not Republicans who need to rest. (Some would rightfully assert they already have for the last almost 8 years of Barack Obama's ultra-Constitutional overreach, and abject lawlessness). The rest needed here is solely Richard Cohen's.

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