Friday, October 23, 2015

Blowing dollars: Obama's, politicians' choicest drug

Will the schizophrenic man who has theoretically been “in charge” as president (but is apparently not responsible for anything, ever) please step forward for his psychotropic medication?  Once again, Mr. Obama single-mindedly pontificates about race and income inequality.  This time at a West Virginia town hall meeting, poverty was cited as the primary casual factor of that region's skyrocketing drug epidemic, highest and double the national average: 33.5 fatalities per 100,000 people.  His also-ran Democratic non-solution response that always compounds every problem—a hallmark for MrObama's dytopian administration: more government spending, this time on treatment centers and “training” for doctors.  As if our beleaguered, highly educated physicians don't have enough to deal with already related to Obamacare: socialized, costly medical bureaucracy that has gutted the best medical system in the world.  Likewise, spending a record 8 trillion under Mr. Obama's oblivious watch which threatens to sink America into a permanent Greek economic morass.  (In concrete terms that's more debt than every president combined over 227 years from George Washington and the inception of the republic to Bill Clinton.)  Is this what Mr. Obama meant by his cryptic reference to the “fundamental transformation of America?”  Who knows?  7 years in to this total debacle, the powers-that-be in the MSM have yet to questioned him about it.

Indeed, with Biden's exit stage left from a White House bid (and Hillary circling the presidency with the inevitability of a vulture) what difference at this point does it make, right?  None to Mr. Obama who is content to kick-the-can down the road to the next undoubtedly headache-prone occupant of the Oval Office.  In truth, his denial—a complete, deep-seeded almost pathological disconnect from his actions and their real world consequences—an unwillingness to acknowledge the obvious connection between his extreme environmental policies that have dismantled the coal industry and with it any hope of American energy independence (read: the Keystone XL Pipeline).  Better to monetarily submit to Islam by funneling U.S. resources into that Middle East powder keg borrowed at interest by our Communist banking masters in China.  As bad as the drug epidemic may be in West Virginia it pales in comparison to politicians in Washington of both parties who treat the American dollar like an endless supply of crack cocaine.

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