Saturday, May 2, 2015

Thug: a four-letter thought-crime?

It seems no one in American society is neutral about four-letter words.  Some are admirable and all encompassing like "love," others are curses uttered in the throes of passion.  Today's watchword is "thug": an accurate term used to describe the lawless, rioting street mob who not incidentally are looting and otherwise trashing politically-controlled Democratic urban centers like Baltimore.  It is not difficult to read the cultural tea leaves when even America's first Afro-American president deigns to finally call a thing what it actually is (a true rarity for him) and gets criticized by the black community for committing a "verbal assault."  First Amendment protections guaranteeing free speech aside, the assertion of a "verbal assault" for unpopular language is the accusal of Orwellian "thought-crime" right out of the no longer so fictional "1984."
This fundamental transformation of America is the direct consequence of Barack Obama's "chickens come home to roost" (to borrow a popular phrase of the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Barack Obama's pastor and spiritual advisor of 20 years who from the pulpit advocated that black people should sing "God damn America.")   Six years in, through the smoky chaos that cannot obscure the truth, the American people see that Barack Obama's anti-American, anti-Establishment and anti-Law and Order policies mean "Burn cities burn."  

Perhaps Mr. Obama's greatest political sin—among a multitude of failures like an anemic American economy, a war torn Middle East and a soon to be nuclear Iran—is his refusal to lift up his own community who have suffered dismally under his administration.  Specifically, he has abandoned his political hometown of Chicago and completely ignores the weekly death toll of black young men (who would look like his sons if he had any) by their Afro-American fellows.  Per the Black Youth Project, there were more than 500 murders in Chicago in 2012: 108 of those victims were 19 or younger.  While Mr. Obama takes seemingly endless multimillion dollar vacations on Air Force One to tropical locales with ocean-front golf courses,  the bankrupt, Democratically controlled city of Detroit lies fallow; a shrunken dilapidated shell of its former automotive glory.  Though Mr. Obama took credit for the General Motors bailout that lost American taxpayers $11.2 billion, he has no plans to visit there or Baltimore; mere minutes away via Marine One, the presidential helicopter.  No, Mr. Obama has sent his point man on Ferguson, another reverend famous for race-hustling and unprosecuted tax evasion, Al Sharpton, to further fan the flames of unrest.

Baltimore, per the Daily Caller, eighth on the list of America's 10 poorest and 10 most violent cities run by the Left for decades—today's Ferguson MO— glows from burned out buildings and the artificial glare of mainstream media cameras.  To make matters even more volatile comes foot-in-mouth Democratic mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake who had the temerity to side with the "thugs:" “It was a very delicate balancing act because while we tried to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on — um — we also gave those who wished to destroy, space to do that, as well,” she said in all seriousness.  As a lawyer and a public servant, Ms. Rawlings-Blake should know the difference between lawful protest and criminality.  

Naturally, (per the three-year American Community Survey for the years 2011-13), the high unemployment rate of  37 percent for young black men between the ages of 20 and 24 and the 25% poverty rate in Baltimore isn't helping matters.  Given the widespread Democratic political race-baiting coupled with these woeful statistics, is it any wonder that the young, black and disaffected are fueling the continuing violence?

In a moment of clarity, Mr. Obama and Ms. Rawlings-Blake called these perpetrators "thugs."  But it remains to be seen whether they will actually do anything constructive about it or leave the heavy-lifting to the very capable and even-keeled Republican governor Larry Hogan.  Republicans like Hogan are private sector problem-solvers and have no use for four-letter words or to pontificate on the meaning of the word "is."  On the other hand, Democrats exploit or exacerbate societal problems—for political distraction and personal gain—that they have no intention of solving.  Political correctness and its latest iteration "thought-crime" demonize words and repress truths that make Democrats uncomfortable.  Hopefully, all of the Left's blaming, unfounded political finger-pointing is finally catching up with them.  In any case, Mr. Obama should not hypocritically denigrate others with four-letter words considering his own longstanding record of ultra-Constitutional thuggery.

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