Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Re-arm airline pilots and soldiers

The Washington powers-that-be have seen sense—a truly rare occurrence for politicians inside the beltway bubble—on a bipartisan agreement (Senate Bill S. 1594, The Arm All Pilots Act of 2015, Rand Paul (R-KY)) to re-arm airline pilots: a safe, inexpensive and highly effective deterrent to terrorist acts (that the Obama Administration is naturally against).  Now, that the light had dawned on this specific issue, perhaps our elected representatives will extend the same goodwill to the other 'white hat' elements in our society: legal gun owners (residents of DC) and soldiers on military bases and in recruiting centers.  Getting rid of the gun-free decals on schoolhouse doors—a foolish policy that makes our children fish in a barrel to any would-be gun-toting goon—is also a good idea.  America is simply too big—vulnerable targets are everywhere—for traditional (and already beleaguered) police forces to handle everything.  Indeed, that is the purpose and wisdom of the Second Amendment: firearms in the "right" hands promote public well-being and make would-be criminals think twice.

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