Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Pruden: promoting politics or fiction? (Wrong predictions: Hillary won't run & Romney will join the 2016 presidential race)

One wonders whether weekly Washington Times columnist Wesley Pruden sees tweety-birds when he makes his Twilight Zone political prognostications. Case and point: recall his January 15th column entitled "Why Hillary won't run for president." Well, she is (and outrageously still leads in national Democratic polls despite persistent obfuscation and the likely criminality of Server-gate: the 21st century version of the Nixon Watergate tapes).  Fast forward to today's analysis of the political landscape, "Now the real fun is about to begin" where Mr. Pruden laughable claims that Mitt Romney may be jumping into the 2016 presidential race due to Jeb Bush's flagging popularity.  Did he forget the other 13 Republican unmentioned contenders currently registering in the polls already vying for the nomination or did he take a page out of Brian Williams' helicopter-under-fire playbook and for kicks-and-giggles spin a tall-tale?




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