Thursday, May 15, 2014

Lt. Governor Brown and the Clintons: Birds of a Feather

When sonny-boy with his driver’s permit totals the old, dependable family Honda any sensible parent doesn’t shrug his shoulders, soothingly pat the boy’s head, and minimize the mistake by handing over the car keys to the  new Lamborghini.  Former president Bill Clinton did just by praising current Maryland Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown during a million dollar fundraiser.   Maryland’s failed online health insurance website—so incompetently managed by gubernatorial candidate Brown that the state had to junk the whole system at a rumored cost north of 100 million hard earned taxpayer dollars—does not speak well of Mr. Brown’s track record when it comes to governance.  Naturally, what Mr. Clinton blithely terms a 100 million dollar “mistake” by Brown is small potatoes compared to his wife Hillary’s loss of 6 billion dollars during her lackluster turn as Secretary of State.  She, like Brown, also aspires to higher office.  I have no doubt that both Mr. Brown and Mrs. Clinton feel a sense of entitlement to higher and higher stations in life.  Indeed, it is always amazing to me when incompetence in public service gets promoted; it is a testament to America where anything is possible.  However, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to give a cadre of middle aged arrested adolescences with no sense of responsibility keys to the kingdom.  It’s great to be a Democrat in 21st Century America.
Postscript: In addition to the favored Mr. Brown, who won the Democratic nomination, (no surprise) the colorful cast of Democratic contenders included lesbian (you-go-girl!) Heather Mizeur whose "big idea" included legalizing marijuana to tax the hell out of it in order to further fund social programs, and attorney general (enforcer of state laws) Doug Gansler who attended a house party in which underage teens were getting liquored up.  He refused to stop it as it was, according to him, "not his job." 

No doubt that Mrs. Brown was already picking out curtains for the governor's mansion as the Republican nominee was a nobody named Larry Hogan who has received so little press that he might as well be the invisible man.  However, in the biggest shocker of the 2014 campaign, the Republican won by 8 points!  This hasn't happened since Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. in 8 years.  Sanity has briefly reared its ugly head in Maryland politics. 

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