Thursday, February 21, 2013

Viva Radio God Mike O’Meara!

I was just a faceless fan, a kid of 18 or so, when I phoned the now legendary ‘Don and Mike Show’ and they graciously took my call.  In later years, like many Washingtonians, I was sorry to learn of the dissolution of their professional partnership, but grateful that Mr. O’Meara had gone solo.  On air—and I’m sure I speak for many—Mr. O’Meara’s ever light and always witty comedy was the bright spot in my traffic laden daily commute.  Economic downturns, radio format changes, no matter the label—we’ve all had them—caused Mr. O’Meara to go AWOL from my radio dial.  I figured he’d gone rogue and I went looking.  I’m glad the Washington Post did too.

'With this gig, who needs FM?', Mike Musgrove, Washington Post

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