Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scientific benefits of tree-hugging. Who knew?

I love the idea, but I don’t know if I believe that “trees are people too.”  Nevertheless, this charming article demonstrates the value when Man interacts harmoniously with nature.  It also serves as an important reminder of homeostasis that all living things on Earth exist in a sometimes precarious balance.  Specifically, expanding carbon dioxide sucking tree trunks likened in the article to a man’s unhealthy love handles is an effective parallel.  Further, it is particularly timely given the heated and ongoing debates related to planet-health from such things as so-called "global warming" (now homogeneously known as "climate change") and the deforestation of Africa to raise cattle as a food source.  Indeed, what is Man’s responsibility to and effect upon the environment?
Such big questions are seldom easily answered even after the Herculean effort of tape measuring the girths of 250,000 trees.  Still, one must admire the dedication—and the waistline of anyone willing enough to undertake the task. 

re: “Those love handles on trees? Scientist suspects climate change,” David A. Fahrenthold, Front page, Washington Post 

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