Monday, January 11, 2016

WaPo's Spoiled Reporting, Overt Bias

Actual one-day headlines from the primary “news” pages of this Monday's Washington Post, Section A: 'Cuban-Mexican tension is a hurdle for Cruz, Rubio;' 'Rubio and cousin share blood ties but not political ones: He's a Democrat;' 'Rubio's strategic gloom' and 'Some Republican positions do not reflect the party I know.' By contrast, there are zero articles critical of Democrats despite 7 years of the ongoing, ruinous Obama Administration.

Like a Sesame Street grid let's figure out what all these news-masquerading scribbles have in common: all are biased, propagandist smears of Republicans. The specific political reason for targeting the Latin candidates is based on the legitimate fear that Hispanic voters will vote along superficial ethnicity lines, splitting this minority voting bloc vital to Democrat prospects for the White House in 2017. (This is the same calculation that women will automatically vote for Hillary foolishly because of her gender.)

Naturally, The Post trumpets stentorian the week old fish idea that electing presidential front-runner Hillary is somehow special or groundbreaking despite her scandal-laden history and widespread reputation as a liar. In truth, Mrs. Clinton is 25 years beyond her freshness date. Furthermore, The Post is no legitimate supporter of women because it will have no similar praise for conservative star Carly Fiorina.

It seems The Post has completely forgotten its original, non-partisan reporting purpose. Today, it contents itself as a creature of the Democratic Party: to ignore or downplay corruption and repeatedly change the subject from progressives' numerous dirty deeds by unfairly attacking Republicans.

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