Friday, January 8, 2016

Lies, scandal sink relentless Clintons?

With all the 2017 pre-race enthusiasm of a yapping greyhound at the dog track Wesley Pruden is lured by the Pavlovian rabbit—the endlessly wafting pungent hamburger stink that is the many scandals of Bill and Hillary Clinton. The corruption is so evident—so clearly seen—so obvious to everyone. No matter: after 25 years in the spotlight, often at the pinnacle of American political power, the fix is in. Hillary will be the Democrat's presidential nominee. Given that fact she will not be criminally indicted due to her personal, unsecured server holding American secrets likely stolen by hostile, foreign governments. Indeed, history has repeatedly demonstrated that Slick Willie and wife will never be “caught” no matter how many columns Mr. Pruden scribbles.

From the beginning Hillary has been the only game in town. So further 2008-style unraveling doesn't matter as there is no viable alternative on the Democratic side. Likewise, Mr. Pruden can wax philosophical about Bernie “90% tax rate” Sanders's candidacy, but America has not yet gone so far over the cliff to nominate an outspoken Socialist for president. Furthermore, he can also muse in vain about another last minute Joe Biden candidacy or an independent run by Jim Webb, but it will come to naught.

Clinton 2.0 is a clear and present danger to the continued viability of our already Obama-mangled republic, but that tragic option is as certain as gravity. What will finally spare us Hillary's incompetent ministrations is her lack of likability. Despite her paper thin resume of impressive job titles (and nothing else), when 'liar,' 'dishonest' and 'untrustworthy' are the most popular words to describe madame it will not get her elected. Despite mindless Democratic lemmings lining up to vote for her, the rest of the country will finally show the Clinton sideshow the exit door carrying their many years of baggage with them.

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