Thursday, January 5, 2017

Demonizing An “Illusory” President

In folklore, vampires do not cast shadows. In R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.'s “Obama's coming obscurity,” is he implying that the outgoing president is somehow supernatural? If not, why does he make the fantastic claim that Barack Obama lacks a shadow on a sunny day? (Show Tyrrell photographic evidence otherwise—he'll eat his hat, or yours.) He states, “The reason he [Obama] casts no shadow anyplace is that there is no substance to him, not even a smudge. He is almost a totally illusory figure.” Certainly, this concept works perfectly as a political metaphor—but not as objective truth. Why, then, is this learned scribe making such a wild assertion?

Now that the GOP is assuming power, it's vital that like-minded commentators not engage in the same deluded and childish whimsy as progressives. Indeed, the reality of a Trump presidency—and complete Republican control of Congress—is an indisputable repudiation of Obama. His prized legacy is a carcass on President-elect Trump's cutting room floor. Only Mr. Obama's willful impotence to champion America, rather than condemn it, has rendered him “insubstantial”. Yet, Mr. Tyrrell's “shady” mythologizing pales before this ideologue's concrete failures. Facts that show marginalized Obama, not in shadow but in stark relief.

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