Monday, January 18, 2016

Hollywood sees only color of money

Prestige is nice, but in Hollywood cash is always king. That's not awards, but box office profits. Based purely on economics, the movie-going public and film-making investment, the truth of tolerance is clear. Three of the five top-grossing actors are black: Samuel Jackson (#2: 4.6 B), Morgan Freeman (#4: 4.3 B) and Eddie Murphy (#5: 3.8 B). Further, all are Oscar-nominated with Morgan Freeman winning a prized 2005 statuette. So lack of exposure or popularity of African-American actors can't be the reason for a current lack of nominations. It is disingenuous to broadly assume because most Academy Award voters are white and male that that superficiality correctly indicates a deep-seeded racial bias. By the numbers, the charge of sexism might have legs, but artistic judgments (that award ceremonies are based upon) are inherently subjective. Therefore, no firm conclusions can fairly be drawn. Perhaps liberals would advocate a cultural diversity system for Hollywood similar to that of college admissions?

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