Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Outrage! Feds Cut EBT Benefits by $44.00 a month

Does the Washington Post ever factor in any degree of personal responsibility in any of its stories or philosophically is everyone just automatically a victim? 
While difficult economic times, failing health and a product of multigenerational welfare are mitigating factors, the subject of Mr. Saslow's extensive piece, Raphael Richmond, chose not to pursue higher education or a professional career, chose to lay down with no less than five deadbeat baby daddies and produce six children.  She appears to have enough discretionary funds to beautify herself and support a cigarette habit at seven dollars a pack in DC.  Per Mr. Saslow's extensive profile, Ms. Richmond is provided with a housing voucher to a four bedroom domicile (at $139.00 per month); she has access to what I assume to be a free cell phone; she receives free medical care at a southeast Washington health clinic and periodic ER visits which I assume she does not pay for; and food stamps for herself, her adult daughter and soon to be adult son.  Ms. Richmond even has access to a free computer and scanner but somehow a subway ride and four bus transfers equal an insurmountable journey.  And the Post devotes three pages worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in column space to detail this woman's supposed plight and the underlying reason for this article is the fact that her EBT benefits have been reduced by a grand total of $44.00 dollars a month.  I put it to Mr. Saslow, hasn't the American taxpayer done enough for this woman given her life choices and how else does a society reduce a 17 trillion dollar debt unless cuts are made somewhere?

Re:  'December 7th & December 8th' (Eli Saslow, Front Page, Washington Post)


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