Friday, February 6, 2015

Brian Williams: Public lies jeopardize journalistic duty

News anchor Brian Williams, laughably touted by some as the Walter Cronkite of our age, was never even there.  Like every great fish story--often told over 12 years of being a passenger in a helicopter hit by enemy fire during the Iraq war--was not an embellishment due to a momentary faulty memory as he claims, but a real whopper: a pathologically repeated, fabrication designed no doubt to feed his inflated ego and to make him appear brave to others; like a war correspondent of old on the cutting edge of danger.  But facts are pesky, inflexible things.  And as any grade school student knows and could enlighten Mr. Williams concerning, his tall tale was a bold-faced lie and given his profession should have consequences.  Indeed, if Mr. Williams had any guts or, God forbid, journalistic ethics--now that he has conclusively and publicly demonstrated that his personal credibility is zero--he would know that he has no business remaining the face of a major American news network and resign.  But fortunately for Mr. Williams he is also no Dan Rather and as he is a creature of the liberal mass media, he and his NBC bosses--unlike the masses who tune in--live in a consequence free zone.

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