Wednesday, April 23, 2014

‘For hairdresser, there’s no brushing aside art’ (John Kelly's Column, Washington Post)

Like stars in the heavens, it seems there is no end to the Washington Post’s insipid campaign of boot-licking pop culture puff pieces that wrong-headedly venerate the Obamas.  I’m not sure that an amateurish rendering by a professional hairdresser using real human hair (creepy!) and artificial eyelashes (tacky!) in a pose of prayer (idolatry!) is art, but in any case, it is not newsworthy.  How about a fact based column on how much the American taxpayers have paid to subsidize the Obama’s frequent vacation travel expenses on Air Force One?  Or, better yet, an exposé on the reality that the first black U.S. president has done nothing to address epidemic level problems in the black community such as black-on-black violence, poverty or an abortion rate at 50%?

My dream is to have a Post reporter who actually holds the Obamas accountable for their words and actions.  Their propaganda pieces such as this one fool no one.  It is as fake as painter White’s hair color and no amount of glossy nail polish will obscure the nakedness of their politically correct agenda.

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