Monday, December 14, 2015

Basic Obama unknowns plague presidency, legacy

As “Christians,” Barack and Michelle Obama should easily recognize Matthew 15:18, in which it is written: “But the things that come out of a person's mouth come from the heart, and these defile them.” For the Obamas, it seems, honesty comes through various historically odd slips of the tongue that reveal truth despite MSM narratives designed to cover up and obscure.

The controversy starts with what Mr. Obama's “real name” is. At one point during his formative years—an Indonesian childhood infused with the study of the Islamic holy book the Koran—our 44th president took on a step-father's last name. Back then, and later as an undergraduate at Columbia University, he was known as Barry Soetoro. (Ironically, as president, Mr. Obama also has trouble appropriately “naming” things such as calling domestic terrorism “workplace violence;” ISIS as ISSL; terrorism obviously perpetrated by radical Islamic extremists in San Bernardino, as such.)

Specifically, this myopic obtuseness explains Mr. Obama's inflexible, progressive ideology, and reputation for cool, personal aloofness. Likewise, time has made clear his consistently tone-deaf policies and politics that are, by and large, completely out of touch with the American people. (Much like his previously described unorthodox upbringing).

Indeed, this inability to label things what they actually are, speaks to Mr. Obama's delusion that the world should be as he “mandates it” rather than meeting it where it is. Indeed, Mr. Obama's Sal Alinsky brand of divisive, “destroy within” rabble-rousing is the antithesis to JFK's embrace of “being American” as a unifying ideal of Christian brotherhood that overlooks superficial differences that Mr. Obama exploits for personal political gain.

For Mr. Kennedy, we should selflessly aspire to our purer instincts modeled by Jesus Christ's gentle example. Yet, Mr. Obama embodies the opposite. For him, everything is “burn, baby, burn,” a violent upheaval coded by the soft innocuous phrase, the “fundamental transformation of America.” What it really means: tis better to rule in a Democrat-created first world redistributionist, big government Hell (à la socialist Bernie “90% tax rate” Sanders). Hence, the last 7 years of the ignoble Obama Administration is finally laid bare.

However, the enigma at its center—and basic facts related to the man himself—remain a mystery. Fundamental to this dynamic is the Obama “is he, or is he not” this-or-that? For example, beyond his surname, what is Mr. Obama's place of birth? Kenya, Hawaii, somewhere else? In any case, in Denver, Michelle Obama publicly muddied the waters in August of 2008 during her GLBT luncheon speech: “When we took our trip to Africa and visited his home country in Kenya, we took a public HIV test for the very point of showing folks in Kenya that there is nothing to be embarrassed about in getting tested, and we did it as a couple.” Would any worldly and educated spouse in a 20 year marriage ever mistake her husband's birth country? Moreover, would any American generally confuse a home country with somewhere else?

This begs another question: because of his well established connections with foreign lands, is Mr. Obama somehow “A closeted American?” On the other hand, speaking of closets, if the claims of outspoken homosexual Larry Sinclair have merit, is Mr. Obama in the closet of a different kind? While the answer is intimate, is never likely to be known and is not the public's concern, it is a relief to know that the Obamas are in the practice of taking HIV tests. This is the point: after almost two full presidential terms, isn't it amazing that Mr. Obama remains so ill-defined in such basic ways?

Now, we move to the big kahuna: the president's religion. For 20 years, Mr. Obama allegedly sat in the back of the Christian church of anti-American ranting Jeremiah “America's chickens are coming home to roost” Wright who proclaimed from the pulpit “God damn America.” Specifically, in a September 2008 pre-election first term interview with George Stephanopoulous, Mr. Obama said:

“You’re absolutely right that John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith and you’re absolutely right that that has not …”
Stephanopoulos (interrupting): “Your Christian faith.”
Obama: “My Christian faith. Well, what I’m saying …”

Utilizing the above nebulous history as context and fast-forwarding to today, we now learn per Washington Times columnist Tammy Bruce that Mr. Obama's inexplicable foreign policy is being heavily influenced by Koranic prophesy. Hence, the irrational position that America should not put puts on the ground in order to destroy ISIS because that is “what the latter wants,” some apocalyptic battle.

To truly be known, any person should be viewed by their faith-informed actions not their words. By definition, Christians traditionally look to the Holy Bible for guidance and prophesy, not elsewhere. On this basis, the religious question regarding Mr. Obama is more than answered. What remains is what else may also be true of the most polarizing president ever to helm the country.

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